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Albert Kerbl

The Company Albert Kerbl (Branches in Germany, Austria and France) performs in the agrarian market effective equipment and tools for feeding and keeping agricultural and domestic animal, poultry,...


From the time of its founding in 1983, the company Biomin has been a leader in the sphere of natural production development without chemicals for application in the sphere of veterinary science and...

Boehringer Ingelheim RCV

The Company Boehringer Ingelheim RCV is a family pharmaceutical one, found in Ingelheim in 1885 (Germany).

Intracare B.V.

Intracare B.V. stands leading edge in the field of manufacture of hygiene products and veterinary medicine for animals and poultry.

Jurgen Kruuse

The Danish company Jurgen Kruuse was found in 1896. Up to now this company is a leader in procurement of necessary equipment and tools to care for farming and domestic animals.

Norbrook Laboratories Limited

Company was found in 1968 and now it is a one of world leaders in production of veterinary pharmaceutical medicine.

PC Sintez

The plant Sintez produces high quality pharmaceutical medicine in a wide stock.

Vetsintez Ltd.

Vetsintez Ltd. has been well-known on the market of veterinary medicine over 10 year.