Our company offers various feed product range for swine:



Piglet milk replacer.

  • Dairy products, 71%;
  • Oilseeds and legumes products, max 10%;
  • Vegetable fat, premix, including Multi-Protect Formula, 19%.

Multi-Protect Formula + best combination of natural ingredients: probiotic complex, organic acids, combination of poly-unsaturated fatty acids, organic Selenium.

  • Dairy based feed ingredients;
  • For piglets from 5th day of life till weaning as a supplement to sow’s milk;
  • High digestibility;
  • Cost-effective.


Skimmed milk powder replacer

  • Dairy products, min. 42%;
  • Oilseeds processing products, 50%;
  • Cereals processing products, 5%;
  • Premix, including amino acids, flavoring and anticaking agents, 3%.
  • High quality alternative to skimmed milk powder;
  • High digestibility and palatability;
  • Stress prevention and relief;
  • Improvement of growth performance.


Skimmed milk powder replacer with low lactose level.

  • Dairy products, min, 25%;
  • Oilseeds processing products, 66,3%;
  • Vegetable fat, 2,5%;
  • Cereals processing products, 6%;
  • Flavoring and anticaking agent, 0,2%.
  • High quality alternative to skimmed milk powder;
  • High digestibility and palatability;
  • Stress prevention and relief;
  • Improvement of growth performance.


Rehydration additive.


The complex of salts, which stabilize fluid and electrolyte balance effectively and also normalize acid-base balance. Monosaccharides which are included in the composition compensate energy deficiency.

  • High therapeutic efficacy of standard treatment scheme of diarrhea;
  • Reduces the risk of digestive disturbances of calves while inclusion of the roughage in the diet;
  • Regulates the functions of cardiovascular, nervous and excretory systems;
  • Prevents paresis and paralysis;
  • Improves metabolic processes;
  • Recovers acid-base homeostasis of the blood.


Feed additive for pigs in critical production periods.


Complex of biologically active substances: amino acids, vitamins, chelated microelements, selected in a special ratio for replacement gilts, sows, piglets and boars, which are in the active phase of reproduction.

  • ● Includes a unique combination of biologically active substances in the chelated form;
  • ● Is a source of vital nutrients;
  • ● Exhibits the best eating qualities;
  • ● Has a long shelf life.


Mycotoxin binder.

  • Diatomite (diatomaceous algae);
  • Yeast cell wall Saccharomyces cerevisiae;
  • Essential oils;
  • Probiotic complex Bacillus spp.
  • High sorption and retention capacity with respect to mycotoxins;
  • Sorption surface of 100 g CleanFeed is equal to the area of 4 hectares;
  • Additive is chemically inert. Does not react with feed components. Does not take out vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and other compounds from the body;
  • Essential oils of CleanFeed stop the development of mold in feeds;
  • Increases the productivity of livestock and poultry;
  • Enhances the safety of young animals;
  • Strengthens the immune system of animals and poultry;
  • Safe for people, animals and environment, does not contain harmful chemicals.


Dried silage inoculant.


Bacteria: Lactobacillus brevis – 5х1010 CFU/g, Lactobacillus plantarum – 2,5х1010 CFU/g, Pediococcus pentosaceus – 2,5х1010 CFU/g. Total bacterial concentration is 1х1011 CFU/g. Carrier: dextrose.


Bacteria contained in the silage inoculant quickly multiply without competitive pressure from the side of other microorganisms and produce best quantity of lactic, acetic and propionic acids. Each strain controls and improves fermentation in general. During laboratory and production tests were received the representative results, confirming efficiency of the silage inoculant for growth inhibition of different bacteria, yeasts and fungi leading to the fodder spoiling.


Biological microclimate regulator for livestock buildings.


100% natural products. It is a complex of minerals and essential oils (pine and eucalyptus), which possess high absorbing and retaining capacity, also bacteriostatic and antifungal properties.

  • Possesses nanoporous properties – absorption capacity of moisture and harmful gases reaches more than 250%;
  • Contains more active substance per unit weight;
  • Regulates microbiocenosis of livestock and poultry premises (neutralizes Salmonella, Campylobacter and single-celled parasites and destroys spores of fungi);
  • Prevents infectious diseases;
  • Is applied in the presence of animals and poultry;
  • Increases of livestock safety;
  • Slipping prophylaxis;
  • Promotes healing of wounds, abrasions and other skin lesions;
  • Scares insects and destroys their larvae, disrupting development cycles;
  • Easy to use and easy to clean;
  • Eco-friendly, improves the soil structure.